Paymaster of businessman Sergey Brudny sentenced to 17 years of strict regime 

Paymaster of businessman Sergey Brudny sentenced to 17 years of strict regime
Alexander Gebert

Volgograd Regional Court found Alexander Gebert guilty of aiding and abetting the contract killing of Brudny.

On July 10, Volgograd Regional Court sentenced businessman Alexander Gebert, who was found guilty of Complicity in Contract Murder (part 4, 5 of Art. 33, part 2 of Art. 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) of businessman Sergey Brudny, to 17 years and three months in a strict regime colony.

The murder proceedings lasted for almost a year. The verdict to Gebert was pronounced at the 53rd trial of the court.

According to the prosecution, in March 2014, Alexander Gebert and Alietdin Makhmudov, who was sentenced to a similar term on July 8, 2015, decided to organize the murder of the owner of Traktorozavodsky market in Volgograd, Sergey Brudny. The court considered a conflict between Brudny and Makhmudov to be a motive. The latter allegedly sought to seize Brudny's property.

Gebert, who was friends with Makhmudov, persuaded his friend to orchestrate the murder of Brudny and paid for it. In May 2014, the businessman was shot dead, after which Gebert left Russia. He was declared wanted. In 2017, he was found in Hungary, and in March 2018, he was extradited to Russia.


Sergey Brudny

In addition to imprisonment, Gebert was sentenced to a fine of 500 thousand rubles ($7.8 thousand) and a 1.5 year restriction of liberty. The sentence has not yet entered into force.



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