Murderers of Shabtay Kalmanovich identified by thrown mobile phone

Murderers of Shabtay Kalmanovich identified by thrown mobile phone

Fingerprint of a murderer was found on a mobile phone.

One of the main evidence of crime in a case into murder of a businessman Shabtay Kalmanovich is a mobile phone the killers had allegedly used, reports Rosbalt with reference to a source within law enforcement.

Investigators determined that the phone had been used near Kalmanovich’s house and office when he was followed. Besides that, on November 2, 2009 (on the day when Kalmanovich was murdered), his picture was taken at the scene - at Smolenskaya embankment. The way the killers used was also found out with the help of this phone. The signal got scrambled at the intersection of Vernadsky prospect and Kravchenko street. Another phone was switched on straight away in the same place. The investigation theory is that Ali Belkhoroev and Batyr Tumgoev accused of the murder used it. The Investigative Committee of Russia believes that after the attack, they threw away the old phone and switched on the new one.

Police officers investigated the place where the phone was thrown away. The phone was found. Fingerprint of a murderer was found on it.

Besides that, investigators found eyewitnesses who bore their testimonies, having stated that in autumn, 2009, they saw Tumgoev and Belkhoroev in silver Lada-Priora. Kalmanovich’s murderers used the same car. Belkhoroev was spotted near the businessman’s office.

During the interrogation, Belkhoroev stated that he really was in those places, as his friends lived there and he repeatedly visited them. The accused could not name the exact address, having stated that he knew the place visually. On July 10, Belkhoroev was taken to the center of Moscow in order for him to show the apartment he had visited.

In July, Moscow’s Presnensky court prolonged the arrest for Belkhoroev and Tumgoev. The investigation into the murder is ongoing. Acquaintances of the arrested had earlier called the situation “absurd.”

“The investigation had all these technical data in 2009. The last names of Belkhoroev and Tumgoev are present in cases since 2008. And they are only arrested now - behind the back of any prove. The investigation only refers to operative data. It’s like we know that 10 years ago, they could handle certain phones and drive Priora. There’s nothing else. But this is not the prove. Motives of their actions are not indicated, at all. We believe that Batyr and Ali had nothing in common with the crime,” a source of Rosbalt stated.



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