Murder of Shabtay Kalmanovich: meeting with thief in law and ex-producer of Zemfira 

Murder of Shabtay Kalmanovich: meeting with thief in law and ex-producer of Zemfira
Anastasia Kalmanovich Photo: Social networks

The details of the investigation of the high profile case became known

One of the suspects In the murder of businessman and president of the Spartak basketball club Shabtay Kalmanovich, Batyr Tumgoev was detained during a meeting in the colony with thief in law Khamzat Aushev (Khamzat Ingush). According to the source of Rosbalt, the ex-spouse of Kalmanovich and ex-producer of Zemfira, Anastasia Kalmanovich, appear as the customer of the murder in the case file. Those close to the prisoners believe that the evidence of the investigation does not hold water.

Khamzat Ingush (left)

Khamzat Ingush (left)

According to the source, evidence of Batyr Tumgoev and Ali Belkhoroev's possible involvement in the assassination of Kalmanovich appeared back in 2018. Surveillance of the suspects began, but Tumgoev, apparently feeling wrong, flew to Dubai. He recently returned, but then flew off to Salekhard. He went there to visit a colony in the village of Kharp, where his friend, thief in law Khamzat Ingush, is serving a term. Here Tumgoev got detained by metropolitan detectives.

At the same time, fellow villagers of Tumgoev, Ali Belhoroev, and Zhabrail Kostoev were detained. The operatives came to them when they established what telephone numbers were used in the fall of 2009 (the period of spying on Kalmanovich and his murder) by Tumgoev, Belhoroev, and Kostoev. Later, these numbers "lit up" at Kalmanovich's office and at the place of his execution. One of the owners of this number was pursued by the police, but he got rid of the phone and disappeared, but he turned on the number that Tumgoev used earlier.

There is evidence that all three of them were seen in the fall of 2009 in the silver car Lada Priora, from which they fired at Kalmanovich. The car, however, was not found. Recall that the weapon of this loud murder was also very unusual – the Armenian submachine gun K6-92. It was never found either.

Shabtay Kalmanovich

Scene of murder of Shabtay Kalmanovich

Detectives consider all the detainees to be the performers of the loud contract killing.

It is worth noting that in the 2000s, Batyr Tumgoev was known in Moscow as an expert in knocking out debts, because of this he even served a term. Later Tumgoev was amnestied. Since then, he has never got to jail, but operatives are confident of his links with the criminal world.

As to the customer, in operational materials there is information that before the murder Kalmanovich had a big conflict with his ex-wife Anastasia, who until 2010 was the producer of the singer Zemfira. The controversy was caused by the division of property and the conflict over the common daughter Daniela. The couple could not decide with whom the child will live. After the death of Kalmanovich, Daniela got tens of millions of dollars. Anastasia as the official guardian of the girl got the opportunity to dispose of the property in Russia and the Baltic states. On this basis, detectives come to the conclusion that Anastasia could have been interested in the death of the ex-spouse.



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