Murder of Sergiev Posad head pinned on gang of killers of "chekist fixer" Kostya Bolshoy  

Murder of Sergiev Posad head pinned on gang of killers of "chekist fixer" Kostya Bolshoy
Evgeny Dushko

Investigators also believe that the crime group has committed at least 18 murders.⁠

The Investigative Committee of Russia reported on the detection of the murder of the Head of Sergiev Posad (the Moscow region), Evgeny Dushko, committed in August 2011. The investigators believe that the customer and executor of the killing was the gang of killers of Konstantin Piskaryov, known by the nickname Kostya Bolshoy.

According to the investigation, Piskaryov created his criminal group in 1999 to eliminate business competitors and people, who somehow interfered with his entrepreneurial activities. In 2011, Evgeny Dushko collided with a businessman, not agreeing with his requirements for doing business in Sergiev Posad. Then Kostya Bolshoy decided to get rid of the mayor, investigators believe. Thus, the ringleader gave order to one of the members of the gang, Sergey Bezrukov, to compile information about the working schedule, the travel patterns and the car of Dushko. On the morning of August 22, 2011 Bezrukov, along with Piskaryov, drove up to the official's house. Having waited for the official to get into the car, Kostya Bolshoy approached it and shot at least 7 times with a pistol. Dushko died on the spot, and the attackers fled.

Убийство Душко

People unwanted by Piskaryov were eliminated in a similar way. In total, according to the investigators, the killer gang is complicit in at least 18 murders in the territory of Moscow, the region and other regions of the country.

Место убийства

Law enforcers say that at the moment Kostya Bolshoy and nine gang members (Sergey Alexandrov, Sergey Bezrukov, Alexander Zamyatin, Denis Zemtsov, Dmitry Lupichev, Dmitry Mishin, Igor Saryan, Andrey Stolyarov, Dmitry Yurov) are in custody. They are charged with part 1 and 2 of Art. 209 of the Criminal Code (Banditry), Art. 105 of the Criminal Code (Murder), Art. 126 of the Criminal Code (Abduction), Art. 222 of the Criminal Code (Illegal Sale of Firearms). It is possible that the investigators will close in on other gang members and reveal new criminal episodes.

It is interesting that earlier the name and nickname of Piskaryov was mentioned in the media as one of a big businessman. Back in 2011, Novaya Gazeta, referring to its source in the investigation team, wrote that Kostya Bolshoy was seen as one of the main suspects in the murder of Dushko. The motive for the crime, as the investigators believed then, could be the official's intention to "separate Piskaryov from the budgetary feeder". It is known that the businessman owns a lot of companies through his authorized representatives. Among his assets are restaurants, shopping centers, a management company, a construction company, yacht clubs and an entertainment complex. Moreover, Kostya Bolshoy was called a "chekist fixer", because he owned through third parties Shchit i Mech (Shield and Sword) restaurant in Bolshaya Lubyanka, where high-ranking FSB officers often held their corporate events.

It should be noted that the siloviki have already repeatedly reported on ‘successes’ in detecting the murder of the mayor of Sergiev Posad. Thus, first information about the detention of those involved in the resonant murder appeared in 2011, a few months after the crime was committed. The chief of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Russia in the Moscow region, Nikolay Golovkin, stated that "the real suspect is in the remand center". However, on the same day, the official representative of the ICR Vladimir Markin refuted this information. A year later, the investigative bodies decided to demonstrate diligence in the investigation of the case again and reported on the establishment of an interdepartmental commission.

The father of the murdered mayor, Anatoly Dushko, told the press that his son had been constantly threatened by employees of the regional authorities.

"He was threatened by the prosecutor of Sergiev Posad, and by the Head of the Investigative Committee", Dushko Sr. said, - "as well as by the owner of Viktoria-5 company, Viktor Kruglikovsky, and by the head of Posad-Energo, Artur Egiazaryan. His death was beneficial to many people".

In this regard, there is a likelihood that the professional gang of killers could only be the perpetrator of the murder, and the customer of the crime remains at large.



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