Murder of investigator Shishkina was organized by anonymous 

Murder of investigator Shishkina was organized by anonymous
At the scene

The executors of the crime received information about the investigator via a closed forum; they found a prepared weapon in a cache in the forest.

The investigation found out that the murderers of the Interior Ministry investigator Evgenia Shishkina received an order for the crime, payment for its performance and weapons from an anonymous. They did not know who the organizer of the murder was, reports Rosbalt citing a source in the security forces.

The investigation came to this conclusion by examining the testimony of the detainees charged with killing Shishkina: 19-year-old Abdulaziz Abdulazizov and a 17-year-old resident of St. Petersburg, whose name is not disclosed. It turned out that the youngest of the defendants used to actively «serf the Internet on dubious websites," talked with drug dealers and worked as a "mortgagee", and used Bitcoins as a payment. At one of these "doubtful" forums, he received an offer to kill a "very bad woman." The anonymous customer did not specify that the victim is an investigator.

“We have a version that the customer could have known the young man, since it is not clear why he would offer to perform a serious crime to an unknown person. But the young man himself did not know who he was talking to,” an interlocutor told Rosbalt.

According to a source, the teenager supplied the second defendant Abdulaziz Abdulazizov with drugs, they were friends. The customer allegedly proposed a scenario of an “almost perfect crime”, so Abdulazizov agreed to participate in the murder. Friends were promised 1.2 million rubles for the murder.

The young man really found a gas pistol transformed into a shooting gun and 30 bullets in a stash. Besides that, photos of Shishkina, her house and car were given to the perpetrators. The customer sent the information through an anonymous forum to an underage; and the latter shared it with Abdulazizov through social networks.

In October, 2018, the killer shot in the back of Shiskina 3 times when she was walking from her house to the parking lot. With that, one bullet was broken in the gun, and the killer broke his hand. The investigator died following the injuries.

Both young men pleaded guilty. Their relatives state they are innocent and believe they incriminated themselves under pressure of police officers.

Motives of crime are not indicated in the case materials, the source notes. The number one theory is that the ‘ticket mafia’ (a group of cyberswindlers who broke accounts of companies that sell airplane tickers) is involved in the crime. Then, they went to the companies, applied for refund and got the money. Besides that, they broke accounts of regular people and stole various bonuses and tickets. The damage from their actions is estimated at 17 million rubles ($264 thousand).

The investigation of the case related to the ‘ticket mafia’ was headed by Shishkina. She complained that she received threats related to the investigation. In particular, her car was burnt by unknown persons. However, at the present time, there is no confirmation that the ‘mafia’ is involved in the crime.



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