Moscow businessman shot dead when jogging in park

Moscow businessman shot dead when jogging in park

The hitman shot Moscow oceanarium co-owner Andrey Chernov 5 times.

The co-owner of the Crocus City Oceanarium Andrey Chernov was shot dead yesterday, August 4.

The hitman attacked the 52-year-old entrepreneur while he was jogging in the Suvorovsky Park located in the west of Moscow. A woman who called the police found his body. The businessman was shot 5 times, one time to the head and 4 times to the chest, according to the police.

The police is looking for the hitman. Investigators searched the victim’s home and questioned his wife. Chernov had never received any threats, according to his wife. The woman does not know who might have killed him.

Meanwhile, the investigators believe it was a contract hit ordered due to conflict of business interest.

The victim hailed from Ufa, according to He opened the marine park in the Crocus City Mall together with his partners in December of 2016. Chernov fancied sports and tried cultivating love for football in his employees, according to the victim’s friends.

Chernov have adult sons, according to the victim’s employees. One of them works in a bank, another is the deputy director of the oceanarium.



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