Mastermind of retired FSB lieutenant-colonel’s murder extradited from Hungary to Russia

Mastermind of retired FSB lieutenant-colonel’s murder extradited from Hungary to Russia
Konstantin Vasilyev

Businessman Vladimir Svet, who has been on the Interpol’s wanted list at the request of Russia since July, was detained in Hungary back in September.

Businessman Vladimir Svet, who was on the international wanted list for arrancing the murder of retired FSB Lieutenant-Colonel Konstantin Vasilyev in the Belgorod reigon, has been extradited from Hungary to Moscow, Kommersant reports. Svet was hiding from the police for half a year. In September, he was detained when trying to cross the border between Hungary and Serbia.

Vladimir Svet was charged with organizing the murder of Vasilyev (part 3 of Art. 33 and Art. 105 of the Russian Criminal Code). The retired lieutenant-colonel was shot dead near the Aurora mall in Stary Oskol on March 14.  The killer fired several shots at the victim, but none of them was fatal. Vasilyev died of blood loss.

Svet almost immediately became the main defendant in the case. According to the investigation, the entrepreneur went in for the kill due to the conflict over control of the grey cash withdrawal market in the Belgorod region. Most of the cash for such operations in the region comes from tobacco dealers, for the work with whom everyone fought. Investigators checked a number of other potential paymasters, who owed Vasilyev large sums of money, however, no evidence of their involvement in the murder was found.

In June 2018, Svet was arrested in absentia in the Voronezh region. Officially, he was registered as a lawyer in the Voronezh Central District lawyer's consultation. Two more persons were arrested as part of this case, one of whom is the entrepreneur’s guard.



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