Man convicted of Nemtsov’s murder not allowed to visit mosque and use payphone in colony

Man convicted of Nemtsov’s murder not allowed to visit mosque and use payphone in colony
Zaur Dadaev

The colony administration says both the mosque and payphone are closed for scheduled repair work.

Zaur Dadaev, who is convicted in case of Boris Nemtsov, and other prisoners of the correctional camp No. 3 (IK-3) in the Irkutsk region have been deprived of the opportunity to use a payphone and a mosque in the colony, Rosbalt reports referring to a source familiar with the situation.

Zaur Dadaev, Anvar Aslakhanov, Eduard Zasetov, and Aleksandr Kupstov were placed in a punitive confinement in late July. The prisoners considered that they were placed in the punishment cell unreasonably, and refused to eat in protest. In turn, the Federal Penitentiary Service denied the hunger strike of prisoners.

When released from the punitive confinement, Dadaev ended his hunger strike. However, soon after that, it turned out that the mosque had been closed on the territory of the colony. In addition, all IK-3 prisoners had been deprived of the right to use the payphone installed in the institution. The colony administration does not associate these restrictions with pressure on Dadaev. The prisoners were told both the mosque and payphone were closed for scheduled repair work.

Dadaev’s conflict with the colony administration is associated with his refusal to undergone a lie-detector test. It was planned to question him about the circumstances surrounding the murder of Nemtsov. After that, the prisoner was placed in a punitive confinement several times for various violations.

Last time Dadaev was sent to the punishment cell after a commission from Moscow visited the colony. The inspectors went directly to Dadaev. They were interested in his personal records and documents. The convict refused to give them and insisted that, if necessary, the members of the commission copied them themselves. After that, Dadaev and other prisoners were sent back to punitive confinement.

It is reported that the convict is threatened with the transferring to a correctional camp in the Primorsky region, which has more stringent conditions of detention.

Rosbalt also notes that all defendants in the case of Nemtsov’s murder, who refuse to undergo a lie-detector test, are sent to punitive confinement more often. The publication’s source also notes that the prisoners are threatened to be transferred to the colony No. 8 in Labytnangi – “to pay a visit to white bears.” Another convict in the case – Shadid Gubashev – is currently serving his time in Labytnangi.

Khamzat Bakhaev, who is serving his sentence in the correctional camp No. 11 in Kirovo-Chepets, was the only person to take the test. It is reported that he was questioned about the location of the weapons used to shot Nemtsov, whether he knew Ruslan Geremeev and Ruslan Mukhudinov, as well as whether he believed them to be the assassination’s paymasters. The answers to these questions were not obtained during the investigation of the case of the politician’s murder.

The pistol used to shoot Nemstov was never found. Ruslan Mukhudinov was put on the wanted list as the assassination’s paymaster. Ruslan Geremeev is a witness in the case, however, he has yet to be questioned.



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