Maksakova denies Tyurik’s involvement murder of Voronenkov

Maksakova denies Tyurik’s involvement murder of Voronenkov
Maria Maksakova and Vladimir Tyurin

The widow of the deputy is convinced that Vladimir Tyurin has nothing to do with the crime.

The widow of ex-State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov, Maria Maksakova, said in court that her ex-husband, Vladimir Tyurin, was not involved in the murder of her husband. published a video testimony of Maksakova.

“I believe that Vladimir Anatolyevich Tyurin does not have anything to do with Voronenkov’s murder,” she said.

According to the widow, her husband’s murder was “ordered” by Denis Panaitov and Vitaly Kachura.

In response, the press secretary of the Kiev Prosecutor’s Office, Nadezhda Maksimets, stated that the version of the investigation is based on evidence, and suggests that Tyurin was among the organizers of the murder. According to Maksimets, the Prosecutor's Office is surprised by the new testimony of Maksakova, as she did not tell investigators about Tyurin’s non-involvement in the crime earlier.

Denis Panaitov is a former head of the Investigative Committee for the Odintsovo district of the Moscow region. Maksakova told that she and Voronenkov had met Panaitov after moving to Kiev. In the capital of Ukraine, they rented an apartment from him, and then agreed to exchange real estate - Maksakova registered her apartment in Moscow to an ex-security official, and he had to give her an apartment in Kiev.

According to Voronenkov’s widow, Panaitov did not fulfill his part of the deal, although the rights to an apartment in Moscow were transferred to him on March 22, 2017, the day before the ex-deputy’s murder.

“I had been insisting for a month and a half that it was he who had the motive for the murder,” she said to Gordon edition.

As The CrimeRussia earlier reported, Voronenkov was shot dead in the center of Kiev on March 23, 2017. The guard of the ex-deputy wounded the shooter, who died in hospital. The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine stated that the organizer of the crime was Maksakova’s ex-husband, a thief in law Tyurik. In October 2017, Maksakova stated that she was familiar with the conclusions of the investigation about the involvement of Tyurin in the murder, noting that “there are proven episodes” and “there is no doubt about anything”. He himself denies any involvement.



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