Killer who shot businessman Mekler jailed for 11 years

Killer who shot businessman Mekler jailed for 11 years
The spot of Igor Mekler's murder

A former policeman from Chechnya peppered his victim from Stechkin pistol – 38 bullet wounds were found on the body. However, only five thousand of $50.000 promised for the murder were received.

The Savelovsky court sentenced the murderer of Moscow businessman Igor Mekler, who was shot on November 17, 2016 in Moscow, MK reports.

A former policeman from Chechnya, the father of three children, whose name is not reported, was sentenced to 11 years in a strict-security colony with a subsequent custodial restraint for a period of 1 year and 6 months.

As the court established, he was waiting for his victim at the parking lot and shot from Stechkin pistol. However, he received only $5,000 out of the promised $50-thousand fee for killing the entrepreneur. The customer of Mekler's murder has not yet been established.

The CrimeRussia reported in November 2016 that the murder of the 50-year-old businessman occurred in the evening near the business center in 1st Magistralnaya Lane.

The body of the man with multiple gunshot wounds was found in the parking lot after the business center staff heard machine-gun fire on the street. The body of Mekler got 38 bullet wounds.

A criminal case was initiated under Article 105 of the Criminal Code (Murder). The investigation almost immediately determined that it was a contract murder and the alleged motive – large debts. The investigation found that the deceased owed more than 1 billion rubles ($16.3m) to Sberbank, Fonderservisbank and other creditors.

Igor Mekler was the owner of several companies, the activity profile – warehouses, logistics and restoration activity. His main projects were the company MosTorg+, running on the real estate market, and BI Lodzhistiks (storage of radioactive substances). In 2014, the businessman took loans for his third company, Decco+, which trades in household goods, but failed to pay off the banks and in 2016 was declared bankrupt in court.



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