Killer of Sasha Advokat’s gang sentenced to 12 years for 2 cruel murders

Killer of Sasha Advokat’s gang sentenced to 12 years for 2 cruel murders
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The gang’s leader Aleksander Kaydanov agreed to cooperate with the investigation. He and his partners in crime are waiting for the court’s verdict.

St. Petersburg city court has delivered its verdict towards one of the members of the gang headed by a lawyer of the Chamber of Lawyers in Leningrad region Aleksander Kaydanov (known in certain circles as Sasha Advokat). The gang’s killer Mikhail Vasyuk has made a plea agreement and got only 12 years behind bars for 2 cruel murders. Kaydanov has also agreed to cooperate with the investigation.

The gang of 6 persons operated from 2009 to 2016. Depending on the importance of the role played by each participant, they are accused under item 4 j, z, k of article 111, item 2 a of article 105, item 3 article 126, item 3 of article 30, item 4 of article 159, item 4 of article 159 of Russia’s Criminal Code (murder, intentional infliction of serious harm to health resulting in the accidental death of the victim, abduction, swindling).

The investigation concluded that the gang’s members dealt with real estate scams, extortion, robbery with violence. Usually, their victims were vulnerable individuals. Besides scams, threats, and extortion, the gang dealt with murders, as well.

In October, 2010, Marina Byalik who had just been released from the colony was cruelly manhandled at the direction of the lawyer. She launched a shoe-repair shop near Kaydanov’s lawyer's office. Throughout the conflict, Byalik spoke offensively with the lawyer, and the latter asked the killer Mikhail Vasyuk to deal with her.

“I asked him what exactly he wanted. He said he wanted me to break her back. He wanted her to be manhandled the way that even if she died, he wouldn’t have cared.” Vasyuk said during the face-to-face interrogation. The killer hit her with a crowbar more than 10 times and shot her 3 times. The woman died on her way to the hospital. A month later, at Kaydanov’s request, director of St. Petersburg-based Konteynernaya kompaniya LLC Mikhail Kuskov was also eliminated. He was stabbed multiple times, and hit with a crowbar in his head.

Senior operative worker at the 15 unit of the 5 operations and search division of Main Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region Evgeny Popov turned out to be a member of the gang, as well. He and other group’s members - Akhmedudin Sakhratulaev, Sergey Orlov, Boris Klementov, Svetlana Boeva, and Igor Tikhomirov - will face the trial.

Aleksander Kaydanov graduated from a law department of Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia. In 2000, he was awarded the status of a lawyer and launched a law firm Kaydanov and partners. In 2003, he passed Ph.D. defense and became a head of a department of legal science at High administrative school under the administration of St. Petersburg. Besides that, he was in movies starring.



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