Killer gang leader jailed for life for contract killing of family

Killer gang leader jailed for life for contract killing of family
Anatoly Mazur

He and his accomplices were hired to kill a man, a pregnant woman and a teenager amid divorce proceedings.

The Vladimir Regional Court passed a verdict against Anatoly Mazur, who had led a gang that had killed several people. He was found guilty of murder, banditry, illegal circulation of weapons, and deliberate destruction of property; he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Following the investigation and subsequent legal proceedings, it was established that he had been hired to murder an entire family by Galina Bobrova from Vladimir, who had been in the process of property division with her ex-spouse. She promised 1 million rubles to the murderer. Mazur implicated Maxim Meshchankin, Alexander Raldugin and Viktor Smirnov.

The gang watched the victims for two days. On June 12, 2015, they entered the house of the man who was living with his new family there at that time. Meshchankin stayed in the car, the other three stabbed his 36-year-old pregnant girlfriend, then shot her 16-year-old son and the 42-year-old man with a silenced pistol. To make it look like a robbery-homicide, the criminals took a laptop and a phone that they threw into the pond on their way.

Besides, the investigation and the trial proved that Smirnov and Mazur had been involved in a few other murders. In October 2011, they killed a Noginsk senior man; in 2013 they strangled another man from Noginsk, 33, with a plastic bag. They hid his body burying it in a grave of someone else in the local cemetery.

Earlier, the court had sentenced Smirnov to 18 years’ imprisonment, and Meshchankin to 15 years.



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