Killer from 90s arrested in Moscow, he killed businessman by order of Medvedkovskaya gang

Killer from 90s arrested in Moscow, he killed businessman by order of Medvedkovskaya gang
The weapon from which the killer was shot

Robert Berezin was detained in Togliatti and taken to the capital.

The siloviki detained Robert Berezin in Togliatti; in 1997 he killed a Moscow businessman and an accidental person.

In September 1997, the killer shot the man in the entrance of a Moscow apartment building, the Russian Investigative Committee reports. According to the criminal chronicle of those years, the crime occurred on the porch of the house No. 21 on Butyrskaya Street. The killed one was a simple car mechanic. At the scene of the incident, the killer left the submachine gun Scorpion. The same day the murderer learned that he had shot the wrong person.

The target of Robert Berezin was to become businessman Alexander Hnatyuk, who was a neighbor of an auto mechanic at the entrance of the house on Butyrskaya. As it turned out, the businessman left the house the day after the death of his neighbor. Alexander Hnatyuk moved to the Smolny Street. Killer Berezin found it and the next day he reached the entrepreneur at a new address. Alexander Hnatyuk got six bullets. He died on the spot, according to the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation.

The businessman lost his life for the loan, Kommersant wrote in 1998. Hnatyuk took a considerable credit from a firm controlled by the Medvedkovskaya gang, and could not return the money in time. The members of the organized crime group first threatened him and then hired the killer for eliminating the insolvent client. The killer got 10 thousand dollars for work.

A few months after Hnatyuk's assassination, a circle of suspects was identified, several Medvedkovskaya gang’s bandits were declared on the federal wanted list. One of them, a certain Kitov, was detained several days ago in Orel. The second alleged murderer, a certain Shuleshov, died of a drug overdose in early 1998. The third killer - Robert Berezin - fled abroad. He was put on international wanted list, investigators said. Employees found and detained Berezin in Togliatti, and then transferred him to Moscow.

The killer is charged with the Murder of two persons, committed by a group of persons on a preliminary conspiracy for hire (items (a, g, f), part 2, Article 105 of the Criminal Code). Robert Berezin is arrested. 



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