“Just like in Hitman.” Murderer of investigator Shishkina compares moment of attack with computer game 

“Just like in Hitman.” Murderer of investigator Shishkina compares moment of attack with computer game
Place where Shishkina was murdered Photo: Social networks

Abdulaziz Abdulazizov also said that he had shot the investigator at the second attempt.

18-year-old Abdulaziz Abdulazizov who is being suspected of murder of MIA’s investigator for special cases Evgenia Shishkina told the investigators that he had taken the attack on the woman as though it had been a computer game, reports Rosbalt with reference to its source within law enforcement.

The source says that Abdulazizov was convinced to commit assassination attempt on Shishkina by his underage neighbour in St.Petersburg. The teenager actively used the invisible web and set up deals on narcotics drugs he used himself and helped his neighbour become obsessed with.

User under a nickname of Migel contacted the underage in the invisible web. Migel offered to kill “a bad woman” in Moscow region for consideration of 1 million rubles ($15 thousand). The investigators assume that the anonymous author could have known the underage while the latter did not know who he was communicating with. The teenager offered Abdulazizov to commit the crime. Abdulazizov tried to refuse, but the teenager was persistent. He told the young man he had allegedly killed 4 men and got away scot free. The investigators are checking this information. He was allegedly afraid to go to Moscow due to his parents. Abdulazizov who liked a computer game Hitman with its killer working as a killer agreed to try himself as the killer in real life. He was provided with all the victim’s data and set off for Moscow region where stayed in a hostel near Shishkina’s house.

The anonym left the weapon for Abdulazizov in an appointed spot in the woods. The young man found the gun and 30 bullets. He shot 5 of them in a tree straight in the place where he found them. It took him 2 weeks to prepare for the assassination. In the morning, on October 9, the young man hid in the entrance hall of Shishkina’s house in a settlement of Arkhangelskoye, but on that day, the woman left the house accompanied by her husband, and Abdulazizov decided not to shoot. 


The next day, Abdulazizov came to Shishkina’s entrance hall once again. The investigator was on her own, however the young man did not manage to shoot her in the entrance hall. He caught her up in the parking lot. The woman noticed th attacker and started beating him with her bag. Abdulazizov slipped down, hit the ground and shot from the gun jammed against his thigh. Shishkina was shot in her stomach, she fell down. After that, the killer jumped up and shot twice from top downward. At that moment, the gun’s spring was knocked out. While escaping the scene, Abdulazizov tried to hide the gun, but the spring bothered. He tore it out of the gun and threw away. This is how the investigators managed to obtain his DNA traces. Abdulazizov threw away the gun to a pond near the hostel. 


Abdulaziz Abdulazizov

The young man visited a concert in Moscow and then returned to St.Petersburg. He received a bit more than 400 thousand rubles ($6.1 thousand) for the execution of the order. He stated that the rest had been spent on per cent from exchange of bitcoins to rubles.

Motives of the crime are unknown, so far. The media assumed that the ‘ticket Mafia’ can be involves in the matter. The Mafia uncracked accounts of companies that sell air and railroad tickets and register tickets in the faked names. After that, intermediaries went to a ticket office and got the refund in cash. Besides that, the criminals uncracked accounts of private parties and stole ticket bonuses. The damage from the actions of the ‘ticket Mafia’ is estimated at 17 million rubles ($259 thousand). Shishkina dealt with the investigation of the Mafia case. Shortly before the assassination, the woman received death threats. In particular, unknown people burnt her car. It is being noted that 2 alleged instigators of the crime - Yaroslav Sumbaev and Maksim Matyushev, as well as the underage criminals - lived in St.Petersburg.



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