Italy denies to extradite alleged organizer of businessman’s assassination to Russia  

Italy denies to extradite alleged organizer of businessman’s assassination to Russia
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The documents on extradition "have not been tested in an independent court", the lawyer of the accused believes.

The Court of Appeal of Genoa denied the Prosecutor General's Office the extradition of businessman Mikhail Nekrich, who is accused of complicity in the murder of Partiya chain of stores founder Alexander Mineev in 2014, Kommersant reported. Earlier, the Russian supervisory authority appealed to the British authorities to extradite another alleged organizer of the murder of Mineev - IT entrepreneur Georgy Shuppe. The Italian court refused to extradite Nekrich because of the discrepancy between the British and Italian requests, said lawyer of the accused Konstantin Rivkin. In particular, the composition of the criminal group members did not coincide in the documents.


It is noted that at the time of the trial of extradition to Russia Nekrich was under house arrest. At the moment it is not known whether the right of free movement was returned to him. According to Rivkin, if the Appeal  Court of Genoa is considered the last in Italy, the businessman will forfeit all the restrictions imposed earlier. However, there is still no evidence that Nekrich left Genoa.

Mikhail Nekrich is accused of organizing the murder of Moscow region of founder of the Partiya chain of shops Alexander Mineev in January 2014 in absentia. Other persons involved in the case were businessman Georgy Shuppe and ex-employee of the Foreign Intelligence Service Dmitry Kurylenko. The murder occurred after Mineev initiated a criminal investigation into the attempted raider seizure of companies, the value of which exceeded $1 billion.

According to the investigation, in 2013 Kurylenko told Shuppe and Nekrich that the owner of the Partiya moved to London, and left the shops to partners. After that, Kurylenko, who was a security guard of the entrepreneur, suggested that Boris Kartamov, the General Director of Eurasia, reissue the documents of the LLC, on which the outlets were registered, to third parties. Preparation of documents was handled by the director of Mineev’s offshore companies Julia Egorova.

After the death of a businessman, the Investigative Committee separeted the case of his murder from the case of the Partiya raider seizure. The investigation into both cases continues.

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