Investigator Shishkina killed for $ 15,000

Investigator Shishkina killed for $ 15,000
Abdulaziz Abdulazizov

The alleged hitman and the “instigator” pleaded guilty.

The investigation believes that St. Petersburg resident Abdulaziz Abdulazizov, 18, received 600,000 rubles ($ 9,000) for murdering of the MIA investigator Yevgenia Shishkina, and Kirill Grunskoy, 17, who allegedly persuaded him to commit a crime received 400,000 rubles ($ 6,000), the Russian Service of BBC writes. Tenth-grader Grunskoy supposedly received the order on darknet. The arrested defendants pleaded guilty.

“He is simply not capable of murder! He has never held any firearms in his hands, except for a toy pistol,” Abdulazizov’s mother said to Komsomolskaya Pravda.

After the detention, Abdulazizov said that he had come to Moscow to attend the concerts of rappers Killstation and Brennan Savage. The investigation believes that a freshman student in the east of the Moscow Region took a non-lethal pistol converted into a combat weapon from a cache, booked a room in a hotel in Krasnogorsk and found a box with cartridges there. On October 10, 2018, as the investigation believes, the student waylaid Shishkina near her house and shot her in the neck and chest. Abdulazizov returned from Moscow to St. Petersburg only six days later.

Acquaintances responded positively about Abdulazizov and were surprised about his arrest. Grunskoy was going to enter the police college. No manifestations of aggression and marginal behavior were not noticed.



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