Investigation into murder of Gorilka alcohol chain stores owner Oleg Dergilev suspended

Investigation into murder of Gorilka alcohol chain stores owner Oleg Dergilev suspended
Oleg Dergilev

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Samara region has suspended proceedings into the criminal case related to the murder of businessman Oleg Dergilev, since the person who had ordered the hit has yet to be identified.

Let us recall that, as previously reported by the CrimeRussia, Oleg Dergilev was murdered on October 10, 2013. Four perpetrators of the crime were detained during the investigation, namely Sergey Kozaev, Vyacheslav Kalistratov, Maksim Kolesnikov, and Sergey Dogadin. None of them had pleaded guilty, but the court found the evidence sufficient and sentenced them to 16-23 years of strict-regime colony. Two of the assassins try to challenge the court sentences in the European Court of Human Rights.

The press service of the ICR Investigations Directorate for the Samara region reported that the preliminary investigation into Oleg Dergilev assassin's paymaster has been suspended, however, he is still wanted.

The owner of the Samara alcohol chain stores Gorilka was murdered on October 10, 2013. That morning, four criminals stopped Dergilev's Mercedes near the Kozelki village, the Krasnoglinsky district of Samara. They tied the businessman and his driver, transported them to a forest belt near the Mega Shopping Center, and then killed the businessman, leaving the driver alive. After the committed crime, the attackers stole 1 million rubles from Dergilev's car and fled. The businessman’s driver was deemed a suspect in the case due to the fact that he had survived.

In April 2016, the jury found Sergey Kozaev, Vyacheslav Kalistratov, Maksim Kolesnikov, and Sergey Dogadin guilty of murder and complicity in its commission (part 5 of Art. 33 and item h part 2 of Art. 105 of the Russian Criminal Code), embezzling 1 million rubles (item b part 4 of Art. 158), illegal acquisition and storage of weapons (part 2 of Art. 222). At the same time, Sergey Kozaev received the maximum term, since it was him who had committed the assassination of Oleg Dergilev. The court sentenced him to 23 years of strict-regime colony. The rest of the detainees were considered accomplices in the crime and received slightly shorter sentences; Sergey Dogadin was sentenced to 18 years in prison, Vyacheslav Kalistratov to 19 years, and Maksim Kolesnikov to 16 years.

During the investigation, law enforcers came to the conclusion that the crime committed was a contract murder. In August 2013, Sergey Kozaev received 200 thousand dollars from the assassination paymaster. Later, a separate criminal case was initiated against the person who ordered the hit. Two years later the investigators stated that they had information about the identity of the contractor, but they did not disclose his name. The alleged criminal has not yet been detained; the investigative work is ongoing.

As of today, the assassins have not pleaded guilty. In October 2016, the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation mitigated the punishment of two of them, reducing the terms of imprisonment to Kolesnikov and Kalistratov by 1 year.



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