“I was on lookout”: Ex-MIA officer sentenced to 8 years for complicity in contract killing

“I was on lookout”: Ex-MIA officer sentenced to 8 years for complicity in contract killing

Widow of the killed objects to the commutation of sentence to the former MIA captain despite his cooperation with the prosecution.

The Tushino District Court has awarded a sentence to the former police officer, an accomplice in the contract killing of a businessman in Moscow. The businessman, whose name is being withheld, was murdered on July 31, 2015 in his own house. As reported by Moskovsky Komsomolets citing the Tushino Interdistrict Prosecutor’s Office, the crime was solved in hot pursuit.

Five people were detained on suspicion of committing a murder, including Inspector of the MIA Center for State Government Bodies Protection and Police Captain Stanislav Grachev. According to the investigation, the police officer was on the lookout when his accomplices were ‘taking care’ of the victim.

As the publication reports, Grachev almost immediately admitted his guilt and agreed to cooperate with the prosecution, asking to consider his case under a special procedure.

The investigators believe that the deceased businessman was a member of one of the organized criminal groups in the 1990s, but he was out of the business for a long time; in recent times prior to his death he was engaged in legal business, launching a company for the sale of food products. However, his criminal past once again reminded of itself. His former ‘colleagues’ demanded a share of the profits, and the entrepreneur refused. That was when it was decided to kill him.

After that, the accomplices were onto Police Captain Stanislav Grachev, who agreed to take part in the murder for a money reward. 16-year-old young man and a resident of Volgograd (names not disclosed) received a similar proposal. They were promised 300 thousand rubles, Moskovsky Komsomolets notes. The victim was placed under surveillance that involved Grachev and an accomplice; they rented an apartment near the businessman’s place of residence.

Shortly thereafter, the criminals picked a day, on which they came to the house of the businessman with metal rods that they had prepared beforehand. According to the investigation, Captain Grachev pointed the assassin and his assistant a landing on the 6th floor and indicated the location of the businessman’s apartment. When the entrepreneur returned home, the bandits attacked him, brutally beat him, dragged him to the balcony and tossed him alive down the street. Then the gangsters fled the scene by car, getting rid of the instruments of crime, clothes, and cell phones along the way. As for Grachev, he received the promised compensation of 66 thousand rubles ($1,160).

It is noteworthy that during the consideration of the former policeman’s case, Senior Assistant to the Tushino prosecutor Anna Berezina, who acted as state prosecutor, asked the court to take into account not only the mitigating circumstances (such as confession, repentance, active participation in the investigation and the presence of three young children in the defendant’s care), but also the aggravating circumstances – committing an intentional crime by an employee of the internal affairs bodies – when imposing punishment. The widow of the deceased objected to the request of Grachev’s lawyer to assign him a milder punishment than it was stipulated in the article.

As a result, the Tushino Court of Moscow sentenced Stanislav Grachev to 8 years of imprisonment in a maximum security correctional facility. In addition, he was deprived of the right to hold positions in the civil service and local government bodies for 3 years.



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