Hitman who killed "hostel king " Vladimir Kulebakin gets on CCTV 

Hitman who killed "hostel king " Vladimir Kulebakin gets on CCTV
Photo: 112 Telegram Channel

A camera caught a man wearing black clothes and carrying a red plastic bag.

The alleged killer, who shot a major St. Petersburg businessman, Vladimir Kulebakin, got on CCTV. One of the street surveillance cameras caught a hooded man in black clothes. He carries a red plastic bag in his hands.

Earlier, The CrimeRussia reported that Vladimir Kulebakin was shot dead in his huge house. The victim had been engaged in the hotel business. Earlier, he was prosecuted for illegal trafficking in prohibited substances. In 2005, he rented premises in different districts of St. Petersburg and created a chain of cheap hotels.

The hitman fired three shots with a suppressed gun; Kulebakin was taken to hospital, where he died.

Kulebakin was engaged in the hotel business and associated with dozens of property items on the Vyborg highway, Pesochnaya Street and Polevaya Street in Pargolovo. Mostly, the entrepreneur equipped housing for hostels. 




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