Hitman kills mother-in-law of crime lord associated with Ded Hasan, goes to prison for 14 years 

Hitman kills mother-in-law of crime lord associated with Ded Hasan, goes to prison for 14 years
Andrey Dzyatkovsky

Andrey Dzyatkovsky, a Chechnya war veteran, was extradited to Russian from Thailand in mid-2017. He had hidden in there for almost five years, receiving 60k rubles ($960) monthly from his hirers.

The Sochi Central District Court convicted 36-year-old Andrey Dzyatkovsky of assassinating businesswoman Liana Syrtsova and attempting to assassinate Dmitry Anenkov, an eyewitness, Kommersant-Rostov-na-Donu reported.

The Court sentenced Andrey Dzyatkovsky to 14 years in a high-security prison, factoring in that he had received a medal during the Chechnya war.


Dzyatkovsky pleaded guilty and said who hired him. He said it was someone who had been at odds with the Syrtsovs. Kommersant-Rostov-na-Donu did not report the name of the customer. Let us remind you that Liana Syrtsova died due to a conflict between two Sochi gangs. The media speculated that Roman Guseynov, the son of crime lord Nikolay Guseynov and a businessman, and Salikh Gasanov, his cousin, were the customers.


Liana Syrtsova, the wife of criminal businessman Viktor Syrtsov aka Viktor Nerussky who had gone missing in 2002, was shot dead near her Venetsiya shop in downtown Sochi in March 2012. The hitman also wounded a passer-by. He then fled, disposing of a Glock he used.

The police failed to catch him right away but found him five years later in Thailand. Dzyatkovsky became a Ukranian citizen and lived in Thailand, receiving 60k rubles monthly from his hirers.

Dzyatkovsky pleaded guilty. Dzyatkovsky said his employer who had hired him as a driver hired him to kill Liana Syrtsova. The hirer claimed Syrtsova was going to get him and his family assassinated. The hirer then fled. He was put on the wanted list.


The Syrtsovs' attorney said are satisfied who the trial plaid out. Kirill Novikov, Dzyatkovsky's accessory, will soon also face trial. He had surveilled Liana Syrtsova the day before the assassination.

Liana Syrtsova was the mother-in-law of a crime lord associated with crime lord Aslan Usoyan aka Ded Hasan, as The CrimeRussia reported earlier. The crime lord in question is Eduard Kagosyan aka Karas. He had been assassinated in Sochi two years earlier. Timur Mamulia, his son-in-law, was assassinated in October 2012. The three assassinations were ordered due to an old conflict between the Syrtsovs and the Kagosyans, according to investigators.

One Petr Pinchuk is suspected of ordering the assassinations of Eduard Kagosyan and Timur Mamulia. He was extradited from Greece in 2016. 

Petr Pinchuk

Petr Pinchuk

In February 2017 in the Krasnodar region, Denis Murdalov was acquitted of the assassinations of Kagosyan and Mamulia. However, the Supreme Court canceled the ruling and ordered a reinvestigation. Pinchuk's case file was referred to court in December 2017. His case file was reportedly combined with Denis Murdalov's case file.



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