Head of MIA Department Volkov revealed $175m embezzlement before death

Head of MIA Department Volkov revealed $175m embezzlement before death
Killed Nikolai Volkov Photo: Frame from NTV video

A few weeks before the attack of the killer, Nikolai Volkov complained to his family that he revealed 10 billion rubles embezzlement and refused to sign internal financial documents.⁠

Head of the repair and construction department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA RSU) in Moscow Nikolai Volkov revealed a major embezzlement in the department. As Life reports with reference to sources, after an internal check and inventory it was found out that this is about the amount of almost 10 billion rubles ($170m). However, the unidentified people demanded from Volkov to sign acts of inspections, according to which there were not allegedly shortages in the department. The high-ranking police officer told his family and decided to write a letter of resignation at his own request. Now, this information is checked by investigators.

It also turned out that the courts are considering contractors' suits against the MIA RSU on debt. Previously, the Interior Ministry was already filing a case of fraud against the company Mariootrek, responsible for the construction of the MIA sanatoria for the Olympics in Sochi. In the case of fraud for 500 million rubles ($8.7m) FSUE MIA RSU acted as the customer of the service. However, it turned out that the employees of the MIA RSU were involved in the fraud and the case was referred to the Investigative Committee. To date, the debt of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the contractor is about 40 million rubles ($702.500).

The arbitrazh is also considering claims for debts to Stroy Universal LLC (about 1 million rubles ~ $17.500) and Enterprise No. 4001 RCPP LLC (1.3 million rubles ~ $22.800).

The press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs declined to comment on this situation.

Recall, the Investigative Committee is considering the version of the contract killing of Nikolai Volkov as the main one. Unknown in medical masks killed the Head of the MIA RSU the day before in Moscow. The attackers took away his keester with money, while expensive phones Vertu and iPhone, as well as all the cash left by the deceased. It is reported that the assassins fled on VAZ-2109. The car and the criminals themselves are now being sought. The MID ICR initiated a criminal case under Art. 105 of the Criminal Code (Murder), part 4 of Art. 162 of the Criminal Code (Robbery) and part 1 of Art. 222 of the Criminal Code (Illicit Trafficking in Arms).



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