Georgia to extradite person accused of murder of investigator Shishkina

Georgia to extradite person accused of murder of investigator Shishkina
Yaroslav Sumbaev

Yaroslav Sumbaev pleads not guilty of the contracted murder.

Tbilisi city court delivered its verdict towards extradition of Yaroslav Sumbaev accused of murder of an investigator Evgenia Shishkina, reports BBC.

Despite the fact that the request by the Prosecutor-General’s Office mentioned only cybercrimes, Sumbaev is also the number 1 suspect in the contract murder of Shishkina. The hacker only pleads guilty of hacking of e-mail of e-ticket sale agents of the Russian Railways.

Sumbaev was detained in early November, last year, by law-enforcers of Georgia on accusation of use of a faked passport and illegal acquisition of fire arms. Sumbaev only pleads guilty of the former crime.

In Russia, the escapee is considered the leader of a hackers’ group that hacked into the Russian Railways and S7 e-tickets system and earned about 17 million rubles ($259 thousand) on resale. This criminal case was being investigated by Evgenia Shishkina shot near her house on October 17. Before that, she had received threats over the phone - allegedly from Sumbaev’s account.

The hacker pleaded guilty of the cybercrime but denies involvement in the crime group and murder of the investigator. Sumbaev’s lawyer Zurab Todoit says that when his clinet is extradited to Russia, the severest penalty may be imposed on him.



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