Gennady Gavrilets detained after 17 years in hiding, accused of killing business partner 

Gennady Gavrilets detained after 17 years in hiding, accused of killing business partner
The businessman has been on the run for 17 years

Gennady Gavrilets has been on an international wanted list since 1998. For as much as 17 years, he managed to hide from the prosecution.

A plane with an unusual passenger has landed at the Sheremetyevo airport. Moscow Administrative Board told the CrimeRussia that a businessman, Gennady Gavrilets, had been extradited from the United States yesterday. He had been on an international wanted list since 1998. For as much as 17 years, he managed to hide from the prosecution. Gavrilets stands accused of organizing the murder of his business partner.

“Officers of the Immigration Service of the United States took Gavrilets to Moscow, where they handed him over to Russian law enforcement officers, who put him into custody,” - the press service of the administrative board reported.

Russian Investigative Committee has charged Gennady Gavrilets with murder of CEO of the US-Russian company UniTrans M. Inc. Anatoly Sirichenko, which occurred in spring 1997. Sirichenko was shot on April 18 at 8:30 am, near his garage in Shipilovsky passage. Two killers came to the businessman when he was getting in his car, about to go to work. Sirichenki was shot four times. Three bullets hit him in the head and stomach. The businessman died on the spot, while the killers escaped in their own vehicle.

Unitrans M. Inc. was established in 1993 on the basis of Autocom, Kommersant reported. Its founders were Gennady Gavrilets and his friend Anatoly Sirichenko, who had immigrated to the US long ago. The company specialized on customs clearance for consumer products and vehicles. Sirichenko, 46, served as CEO of the company since the very beginning. Prior to that, he worked for a state-owned enterprise and was considered a major specialist in foreign economic relations. Some reports imply that lately he faced certain issues at work. The main theory of the investigation was that the owner had refused to cooperate with bandits, who persistently offered their services in the form of protection racket. However, these assumptions proved to be far-fetched.

On February 16, 1999, the leader of the Skodnenskaya gang Vladimir Priyma, better known as Prima, was detained in Moscow. Prima was in fact the one who had provided protection for Unitrans M. Inc. After Anatoly Sirichenko had been murdered, Prima conducted his own investigation, alongside with law enforcement agencies.

The Skhodnensky gang member worked faster than security agents and managed to track the principal offenders, who had murdered Anatoly Sirichenko. The two assassins quickly spilled the beans and told on camera how they had killed the businessman and who had given the order. This way Prima learned that Sirichenko had been killed at the orders from his business partner Gennady Gavrilets and co-owner of the Bakhor restaurant Marat Akhunov. Prima went to them, showed the videotape and said that if they did not pay for it a million rubles, he would send the evidence to the Moscow Police Department or the Prosecutor's Office. In the end, the perpetrators gave the blackmailer a brand new jeep and 500 thousand rubles in cash. When Prima left them for good, Gavrilets and Akhunov decided to sort things out with the killers, who had helped Prima track them.

At the end of 1998, criminals were tracked by Moscow police detectives. Having arrested the killers, the law enforcers learned about their employers as well, but failed to catch Gavrilets. After meeting with Prima, he went abroad, where he stayed until recently. As for Prima and the rest of the Skhodnenskay gang, the Moscow police and Regional Directorate for Combatting Organized Crime conducted a special operation to detain them. Prima and several of his militants were arrested, and a whole arsenal of weapons found on them was confiscated. The gang leader was accused of abduction, extortion and withholding information about the murder. His videotape with the testimony of the killers was confiscated as well and used in the criminal case on the murder of Sirichenko.

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