Former "King of Cherkizon" accused of murder gave lie detector interview 

Former "King of Cherkizon" accused of murder gave lie detector interview
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Businessman Telman Ismailov, who is hiding from Russian justice, agreed to meet with NTV channel journalists and pass a lie detector test.

The former owner of the Cherkizovsky market and the “shadow king of Moscow” of Luzhkov’s time, Telman Ismailov, is accused in a double-murder criminal case. The ex-billionaire who is hiding abroad, in November 2017, was arrested in absentia by the Basmanny Court of Moscow and later was declared internationally wanted by Interpol. After, accusations of organizing the abduction of the singer Avraam Russo were added to the charges against Ismailov. The former oligarch himself does not recognize his guilt.

According to NTV, in order to prove his case, the businessman decided to pass a lie detector test right on TV.

During the polygraph test, Ismailov admitted that he was familiar with the killer, but had not seen or talked with him for 14 years. Also, the former oligarch does not hide that he really knew one of the deceased businessmen – he met him once in 2015. But he had no financial relations with the dead, Ismailov categorically declares.

“If I am guilty, I do not need 13 years, 20 years... Life imprisonment, shooting — I am ready! Well, here I am, a living person – I am ready! I am so sure that he is lying!”, said the entrepreneur about the Mehman Kerimov's testimony.

Recall that the ICR accuses Ismailov of organizing the murder of businessmen Vladimir Savkin and Yury Brilev in 2016. In addition, the former owner of the Cherkizovsky market is accused of illegal arms trafficking.

Savkin and Brilev were shot dead on May 16, 2016 in Land Cruiser cars, in the back seat of which was a certain Mehman Kerimov. It was he who from the first day was accused of this murder and confessed to this, claiming that he replied with reprisals to insults. However, the authorities stated the existence of a videotape where Kerimov meets with Rafik Ismailov, Telman Ismailov's brother. After serving a year and a half under investigation and realizing that he faces a life sentence, Kerimov went to a pretrial agreement with the investigation and changed his testimony. He stated that the double murder was ordered, and the customer was Telman Ismailov.

In addition to questions about the murder, in an interview with NTV, the fugitive oligarch argued that he had never had anything to do with the “Cherkizon” that the TV channels showed in the criminal chronicles.

“You showed other objects, other markets, and talked about me! That there is a basement. I never had basements! I've never had a casino! I have never had prostitution or anything else – I didn’t have such things! Our guards received a prize if someone found a drug!”, Ismailov told reporters.

According to Ismailov, there were no illegal immigrants on his market either: 15% were traders from China, and 85% were Russian manufacturers.

The interview with Ismailov in the program New Russian Sensations will be shown on NTV on November 25 at 6 p.m.

Video: New Russian Sensations: Telman Ismailov on lie detector



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