Former banker Ablyazov gets life sentence in Kazakhstan

Former banker Ablyazov gets life sentence in Kazakhstan
Mukhtar Ablyazov

The banker has been convicted in absentia due to the fact that his whereabouts are unknown.

Interdistrict criminal court in Kazakhstan’s Jambyl region has passed a life sentence to a former banker Mukhtar Ablyazov on charges of arranging a murder of head of BankTuranAlemAO Erzhan Tatishev in 2004.

It is noted that the verdict has been passed in absentia due to the fact that Ablyazov has been hiding abroad for many years.

Tatishev who had been a head of BankTuranAlemAO died in December, 2004, during the hunting. Initially, his death was considered an accident.

With that, the investigation theory was that the rifle a businessman Muratkhan Tokmadi was holding in hands went off by accident, when his car was shaken. In 2007, Tokmadi was sentenced to 1 year of imprisonment (and released from punishment under an amnesty on charges of infliction of death by negligence during the hunting.

In 2017, Tokmadi who had been sentenced for extortion and ammunition trafficking confessed that Tatishev’s death was not an accident, but a contract murder he committed at Ablyazov’s request.

Ablyazov had earlier been found guilty of building a criminal community that dealt with funnelling assets out of the BTA bank and its legalization, unauthorised use of the bank’s money, and abuse of power. He got 20 years in absentia by Kazakhstan court decision, however managed to escape. His whereabouts are still unknown.

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