Ex-wife of Samara businessman Oleg Dergilev’s assassin to name paymaster 

Ex-wife of Samara businessman Oleg Dergilev’s assassin to name paymaster
Oleg Dergilev, former owner of Gorilka alcohol chain stores

The woman said she has remained silent because she was afraid she and her daughter might have been killed. However, she decided to give the information away after the investigator who investigated the murder mysteriously died.

Ex-wife of the assassin of Gorilka alcohol chain stores owner Oleg Dergilev, Natalya Anisimova published a video message, in which she stated she was going to name the paymaster 4 years after the hit.

Anisimova is the former wife of Sergey Kozaev. Kozaev was sentenced to 23 years in a high-security prison in 2016. He was convicted of killing businessman Dergilev. Three of his accessories were also given long custodial sentences. However, the contractor was not found.

In the message, Anisimova said her husband visited her in Moscow on multiple occasions after having committed various crimes in the Samara region. He was a gang member and would visit her to hide, according to her. Anisimova tried breaking with Kozaev many times, but he would threaten to kill her and her daughter. The woman confessed to knowing Dergilev was about to be killed several months prior to his death. Her former husband told her about it while bragging about being ordered to assassinate the Gorilka alcohol chain stores owner for $100 thousand. Moreover, Sergey Kozaev told her who contracted the hit.

"They are very wealthy and influential people," Anisimova pointed out.

The woman claimed she could not warn anyone about the upcoming murder because she was afraid she and her daughter might have been killed.

Anisimova decided to still contact the police and tell them who the killers and contractors were after yet another family dispute with her former husband who again threatened her. Anisimova claims she was promised protection and a reward for valuable testimony. However, she has yet to receive either of those.

"The investigators did not arrest the people involved with contracting the hit. Unfortunately, I know who they are and why Oleg Dergilev was killed. I was surprised to learn the investigators were not interested in hearing the names," Anisimova said.

Anisimova claims her testimony was not added to the case file and that she was even advised to "stay quiet for the benefit of the investigation."

"It has been almost a year since I have started my own investigation. I managed to contact witnesses who could testify against the contractors. I am willing to give all the information to the investigators. But do they need it?" the main witness asks.

People involved with contracting the hit have already begun killing people who knew names of those who have not being prosecuted for the murder yet, Anisimova said in the end of her message.

The criminals are to blame for the death of former Investigator of the ICR Investigations Directorate in the Samara region Ilya Butovchenko, who had been investigating the case, according to her. Butovchenko drowned in the Volga river under strange circumstances on July 22.

In the end of her message, the woman said she is working on filing reports to "all (Russian) governmental agencies."

As previously reported by the CrimeRussia, the owner of Samara alcohol chain stores Gorilka Oleg Dergilev was killed on October 10, 2013. That morning, four criminals stopped Dergilev's Mercedes near the Kozelki village of the Krasnoglinsky district, Samara. They tied the businessman and his driver, transported them to a forest belt near the Mega shopping center, and then killed the businessman, leaving the driver alive. After committing the crime, the offenders stole 1 million rubles ($16.9 thousand) from Dergilev’s car and disappeared. Later, the four perpetrators of the crime were detained – Sergey Kozaev, Vyacheslav Kalistratov, Maksim Kolesnikov, and Sergey Dogadin. None of them has pleaded guilty, however, the court found the evidence sufficient and sentenced them to the terms of 16 to 23 years in a strict-regime colony. Two of the hitmen are currently trying to challenge the sentences handed down by the court in the European Court of Human Rights. However, the assassin's paymaster has not been found. In April 2017, the Investigative Committee in the Samara region has even suspended the investigation into the criminal case.

To recall, the high-profile case involved ex-State Duma deputy Aleksey Mitrofanov. After the death of her husband, the businessman's wife Anna Dergileva found 4 certificates of indebtedness on behalf of Mitrofanov. According to the woman, in 2013, her husband granted a loan of 1.5 million euros to the ex-deputy. Soon after her husband’s death in October 2013, the deputy returned her a small amount to pay the debt, and then began to avoid meetings and ignore calls. Anna Dergileva also suspected that Aleksey Mitrofanov could have been involved in the death of her husband. However, the Samara investigators could not question the deputy, as they have not found him. To note, Mitrofanov has been wanted for several years over extortion of 200 thousand dollars from businessman Vyacheslav Zharov.

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