Fail: Investigators found contract killer due to DNA he left on sunflower hull at the crime scene

Fail: Investigators found contract killer due to DNA he left on sunflower hull at the crime scene
Gennady Korotenko

DNA left on sunflower hull ratted out the killer, former GRU Colonel. In addition, he did not get rid of the weapons.

The Moscow Regional Court breaks in consideration of the case over the murder of businessman Nikolay Martynov from the Nizhny Novgorod region, shot in 2014. According to the investigation, Anton Erokhin, his partner, ‘ordered to kill’ the businessman, who failed to agree with Martynov over the repayment of his share.

The executor of the crime, according to the investigators, is the Chevalier of military awards of the USSR and the Russian Federation, retired Colonel of the GRU and centurion of the Cossack army Gennady Korotenko. Evidence was collected - the alleged killer left the husks from the seeds at the scene of the crime, due to which the investigation obtained the DNA of the killer - it coincided with Korotenko's DNA.

Also, the performer did not get rid of the weapons - the former GRU officer kept a whole arsenal in his garage: Kalashnikov assault rifles, two machine guns, rifles, pistols, and the portable Igla anti-aircraft missile system. Korotenko claimed that he kept his friend's weapons.

Anton Erokhin, who asked the court to return the case for further investigation to the regional Prosecutor's Office, does not admit his guilt. The lawyers of the entrepreneur assert that the partners reached an agreement on the sale of the Martynov’s Sintez OJSC share, and there was even evidence - audio recordings of the entrepreneurs' negotiations, but for some reason, they disappeared.

Nikolay Martynov was shot on March 31, 2014, near his country house in Iksha, Moscow region. Police officers found that the businessman was killed when he opened the gate to the driver who came after him. The killer jumped out of a parked car, reached the businessman, fired point-blank at the head and chest, then disappeared. The driver took the boss to the nearest hospital, but the doctors could not save him.



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