Co-owner of Gazprom subsidiary accused of attempt on business partner

Co-owner of Gazprom subsidiary accused of attempt on business partner
Vladimir Tumaev

The founder and president of the Izhevsk football club Gazovik-Gazprom, known today as Zenit-Izhevsk, and the oldest professional football player in Russia has been detained for 48 hours, until the lawyers provide documents confirming that the accused cannot be kept in a pre-trial detention center on medical grounds.

Officers of the ICR Investigations Directorate in Udmurtia charged former Director General of Gazprom’s subsidiary Spetsgazavtotrans Vladimir Tumaev with Attempted Murder committed by a group of persons for hire (Art. 30 and part 2 of Art. 105 of the Russian Criminal Code), Kommersant reports.

He is accused of organizing the attempt on his business partner Vadim Styazhkin. According to the investigation representatives, first Styazhkin’s house and office were set on fire, and then there was an ambush staged as an attack of hooligans. Tumaev does not plead guilty.

According to the ICR, the conflict between the co-owner of Gazprom Spetsgazavtotrans PJSC and Vadim Styazhkin began about 5 years ago and was initially limited to the judicial plane. Tumaev unsuccessfully wanted to recover a large debt related to a non-refunded bank loan from the partner, to which Styazhkin responded with a counterclaim. In addition, the partners blamed each other for the failures of their joint development project, as a result of which about 10 lawsuits were filed by them.

Then, as the investigators believe, Tumaev decided to handle the situation with the former partner in another way, hiring perpetrators in Moscow. As a result of setting Vadim Styazhkin’s house and office on fire, they destroyed the documents he prepared for the trial. In March 2017, the perpetrators attacked the businessman, severely beating him and then wounding with a traumatic pistol.

71-year-old Tumaev became a suspect after the people who committed the attempt on Styazhkin testified against the former after making a deal with the investigation.

At yesterday's hearing, the court of the Industrial District of Izhevsk left the businessman detained on February 19 in custody for two days due to his health status. The defense petitioned for house arrest, because the defendant with a group 3 disability had recently had a part of his stomach removed due to cancer and had his pacemaker put in. He has also been diagnosed with cataract and glaucoma of both eyes.

In turn, the investigations and the prosecutor’s office asked the court to arrest Tumaev for two months, since according to the ICR, he had previously threatened the victim with physical violence and murder. The prosecutor noted that Tumaev had himself supplied the perpetrators with weapons, and then tried to hide his tracks.

71-year-old Vladimir Tumaev headed Gazprom’s subsidiary from 1984 to 2009. Now he is on the board of directors of Gazprom Spetsgazavtotrans PJSC with a 12.86% stake in the charter capital. He was also an adviser to the President of Udmurtia on gas issues and the founder and president of the Izhevsk football club Gazovik-Gazprom (currently Zenit-Izhevsk), a member of which he was.

Vladimir Tumaev is known for having started his career at 43, and ending it in 2005, when he was 58. From 1992 to 2005, he played for the club as a striker and scored nine goals in 119 games.



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