Chechen killer who shot ‘authority’ Ashot Arutunyan - on trial in Urals

Chechen killer who shot ‘authority’ Ashot Arutunyan - on trial in Urals
Movsur Khasaev in the stadium in Grozny (right) Photo: Social networks

Movsur Khasaev hopes to be acquitted with the help of the jury.

Sverdlovsk regional court has launched hearings into a case of a native of Chechnya Movsur Khasaev who is being accused of murder of a criminal ‘authority’ Ashot Arutunyan in Yekaterinburg, reports with reference to the media office of the court.

The court stated that the jurymen are going to consider the case. Judge Andrey Mineev is going to lead the process. The first hearing are to take place on April 2. On this day, jurymen are going to be chosen.

Khasaev demanded for jurymen himself after he got acquainted with the case and talked to his lawyer. The suspect of the murder of Arutunyan hopes to be acquitted this way. Khasaev’s entourage note that the Sverdlovsk regional court has never acquitted suspects of murder while there are precedents of acquittal in the history of trial jury.

Lawyer of the alleged killer Oleg Chistyakov notes there’s no evidence that would prove the fact that Khasaev was in the city on the day the murder was committed.

“He had a phone he used when he talked to his friends in Yekaterinburg, but Khasaev was not in those places where the victim was on his last day,” the lawyer stated.

The defense notes that Khasaev has an alibi: on the day of the murder, he was at the funeral of his friend in Chechnya. “There are many witnesses who confirm this fact,” the lawyer said. Khasaev’s relatives even organized public rallies in Moscow to support him.

The investigation theory is that on May 28, 2011, Khasaev shot Arutunyan in a yard of a house on Belinsky street. The killer caught up with the victim and shot him in the back of the head. After that, he opened fire on the businessman’s guards. Initially, Arutunyan’s acquaintance - a native of Chechnya Roman Yusupov - was considered the murderer. He was detained in another case and died in a remand prison under mysterious circumstances. After that, the investigators turned their attention to a photo that showed Yusupov and his fellow townsmen - including Khasaev. In January, 2018, he was detained in Argun and taken to Yekaterinburg.



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