Case of ‘authoritative’ Sochi businessmen’s murders organizer removed to court

Case of ‘authoritative’ Sochi businessmen’s murders organizer removed to court
Pyotr Pinchuk

Pyotr Pinchuk is on the dock.

The Krasnodar Regional Court appointed a preliminary hearing of the criminal case against resident of Sochi Pyotr Pinchuk, who is accused of organizing, as well as complicity in the execution of murders of ‘authoritative’ entrepreneurs Eduard Kagosyan and Timur Mamulia. In addition, Pinchuk is also accused of illegal arms trafficking.

Recall, businessman Eduard Kagosyan, who was part of the closest associates of the now deceased Ded Khasan, was killed in his cafe Aqua House in October 2010. After 2 years, the husband of Kagosyan’s sister Timur Mamulia was killed there. The circumstances of both crimes were similar. The assassins drove up to the cafe on a motorcycle, fired at men from pistols and disappeared. At the same time, murderers weared motorcycle helmets.

According to the investigation, the perpetrators of both crimes were Pyotr Pinchuk and Denis Murdalov, while in the case of the murder of Eduard Kagosyan, according to the investigation, Pyotr Pinchuk was the organizer of the attack, fulfilling the order of an unidentified person. Pinchuk killed Mamulia on his own initiative, as he was afraid of revenge on the part of the relative of the first victim.

Murdalov was arrested in 2012, Pinchuk also fled to Greece. From there, the defendant was extradited by court decision in 2016. In February 2017, the jury of the Krasnodar Regional Court found Denis Murdalov not guilty of committing murders of Kagosyan and Mamulia, but in May of this year the Supreme Court quashed this decision and sent the case for a new trial. The hearing of the Pyotr Pinchuk’s case in court can be united with the case of Denis Murdalov, as both the victims and the defense of the defendants ask for this.



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