Captain went as far as contract killing: OCIMF expert suspected of plotting murder of a business partner

Captain went as far as contract killing: OCIMF expert suspected of plotting murder of a business partner

Andrey Voloshin, sea captain, an expert of Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF), detained in St. Petersburg. He is suspected of plotting murder of Maksim Tokarev, his business partner, owner of Top Group Company specializing in outdoors advertisement.

The investigation believes that the motive was jealousy and Andrey Voloshin’s desire to seize the partner’s share in the business. The arrest became a result of an operation performed by law enforcement authorities who introduced an undercover officer, under disguise of killer, to the presumed client.

On May 19, 2016 police received a statement that Maksim Tokarev, owner of Top Group Company, is missing. His wife told the police that she saw him last time yesterday morning. She was not aware of any business conflicts of other incidents her husband could be involved into. City media published the information of the missing businessman on the same day.

In the evening of May 19, 2016 Andrey Voloshin was detained on Finland Railroad Terminal of St. Petersburg; Main Investigations Directorate of St. Petersburg of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation (ICR) initiated against him a criminal case on the basis of Articles 30 and 105 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (Preparation of murder). Andrey Voloshin was arrested while he was paying 2.1 million rubles to the killer contracted to murder Maksim Tokarev. The detainee suddenly got heart-related health issues and was admitted to a St. Petersburg hospital.

Andrey Voloshin, a sea captain, Ph.D in Technical Sciences, was in 2000 accredited an expert of Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF), whose members include Total, Shell, Chevron, BP, Maersk, ExxonMobile, Neste Oil, Gazprom and LUKOIL (its main purpose is safety of maritime oil transportation). reports that in 2004 Andrey Voloshin founded Tanker Vetting Service Ltd. which serviced LUKOIL fleets and became the largest such company in Central and Eastern Europe. In addition, SPARK-Interfax reports that currently Andrey Voloshin owns International Agency for Risk Management at Maritime Transport Limited Liability Company. This company, says, was created with support of Gazprom Oil Division, LUKOIL and oil terminal in Primorsk. Representatives of Gazprom, Gazprom Oil and LUKOIL haven’t responded to Commersant’s inquiry whether they used services provided by Voloshin.

In fact, arrest of the sea captain was a result of an undercover operation. Representatives of the Main Investigations Directorate of ICR told Commersant that in April 2016 police received information of Andrey Voloshin’s intention to murder his partner Maksim Tokarev and seize his share in the business. An undercover cop, disguised as a killer, was introduced to the client. Andrey Voloshin provided information of the victim to the ‘killer’ and paid advance of 1 million rubles. On May 18 the operative reported to him that the job is done, and on the next day, to confirm this, media published information that businessman Tokarev is missing.

We would like to add that such undercover ops are a common practice for St. Petersburg law enforcement. For example, in April 2009 they simulated death of Kermen Basangova, President of Polar Academy, - this incident was widely covered in media. Finally, as a result of this operation, two suspects – an employee of the Academy and his son – were arrested while paying to the ‘killer’. One of St. Petersburg operatives  played this role.

Representatives of the Main Investigations Directorate of the ICR told Kommersant that currently the investigation is deciding what pre-trial restrictions to impose on Andrey Voloshin and prepares to lay charges. Maksim Tokarev is alive and can be recognized the victim party in this case soon.

The investigation does not tell yet what was the joint business of Voloshin and Tokarev. Kommersant found a possible link between Voloshin and Tokarev on the forum. There are references in captains’ correspondence to some colleagues – OCIMF inspectors Maksim Tokarev and Andrey Voloshin who performed expert assessments of LUKOIL shipments. One of the forum participants refers to Tokarev’s words that “Voloshin does not inspect ships anymore. He is busy with teaching and organizational aspects of the process. Own company, seminars, etc.” Kommersant was unable to reach Maksim Tokarev for comment.



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