Businessman deported from US sentenced to 14 years for contract killing committed 19 years ago 

Businessman deported from US sentenced to 14 years for contract killing committed 19 years ago
Gennady Gavrilets Photo: Kristina Kormilitsyna / Kommersant

The jury found Gennady Gavrilets, deported to Russia from the United States, guilty of murdering his companion Anatoly Sirichenko. The entrepreneur estimated the partner's life at $25 thousand.

The Moscow City Court passed the verdict against the former founder of UniTrans-M. Inc., Gennady Gavrilets, accused of the contract killing of his business partner Anatoly Sirichenko.

Earlier, the jury found Gavrilets guilty of a crime committed in 1998. Today, the Moscow City Court sentenced the businessman to a 14-year imprisonment in a strict regime colony.

The defense of Gennady Gavrilets is going to appeal the verdict in the Supreme Court, arguing that he is not involved in the imputed crime. The accused himself claimed at the trial that the death of his partner had not been beneficial for him. 

The CrimeRussia has described the allegations in details before. According to the investigation, Gavrilets decided to eliminate Sirichenko, since he feared that his partner was going to become the sole beneficiary of the enterprise. The businessman hired co-owner of restaurant Bakhor Marat Akhunov (acted as the organizer) and two killers of Viktor Ivanov and Ilya Ilyukhin to commit the murder. Sirichenko was shot on April 18 at 8:30 a.m. near his garage in Shipilovsky Passage. The killers fired four times. Three bullets hit the victim in the head and stomach. The death of the businessman was instantaneous. 

Subsequently, the law enforcement officers managed to close in on Akhunov, Ivanov and Ilyukhin. They were sentenced to real prison terms.

The customer of the murder, Gennady Gavrilets, managed to escape. For a long time he lived in the United States. Only at the end of June 2016 the ex-businessman was deported to Russia. 

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