Before murder of St. Petersburg ‘hostel king’ was digging up dirt about officials

Before murder of St. Petersburg ‘hostel king’ was digging up dirt about officials
Vladimir Kulebakin

Vladimir Kulebakin set up a trade union to fight with the exaction of the Pargolovo administration.

The Petersburg entrepreneur Vladimir Kulebakin, who was shot, complained about extortion from officials before the murder and collected compromising evidence against them, KP reports.

According to the publication, Kulebakin erected several buildings in the village Pargolovo, Vyborg district of St. Petersburg. The buildings were recognized as illegal by officials of the village administration. Kulebakin himself explained that civil servants extort bribes from him, therefore they impede doing business. Moreover, according to Kulebakin, requisitions in the administration have been put on stream.

Kulebakin actively struggled with the arbitrariness of officials, creating a trade union of entrepreneurs, which according to the businessman, consisted of 200 people. In addition, he regularly sued the administration.

“This gang demolishes the homes of entrepreneurs and people with disabilities for not wanting to pay bribes. They write about the demolition of illegally constructed buildings. Rostreestr established that there can be no hotels, so it is impossible to build them. The decisions were made for violation of the rules of construction, for the distance from the fence of 3 meters. These violations will be eliminated. They simply untied the hands of the municipalities and they put this business on stream. The whole Vyborgskoye highway suffers of extortion. I can tell about everything,” KP cites the words of the entrepreneur.

Earlier, The CrimeRussia reported that Vladimir Kulebakin was shot dead in his mansion. Mostly killed was engaged in the hotel business. Earlier, he was prosecuted for illegal trafficking of prohibited substances. And in 2005, he rented premises in different districts of St. Petersburg and created a network of cheap hotels.

The killer fired three pistol shots with a silencer into the businessman. Kulebakin was put in the hospital, where he died.

Kulebakin, engaged in the hotel business, had ties to dozens of objects on the Vyborgskoye highway, Pesochnaya and Polevaya streets in Pargolovo. Mostly entrepreneur equipped housing for hostels.



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