Attempt on deputy Bakhtiyar Adhamov: native of Chechnya arrested

Attempt on deputy Bakhtiyar Adhamov: native of Chechnya arrested
Bakhtiyar Adhamov

Apti Murtazaev is taken from Ingushetia to St. Petersburg on September 24.

The court in St. Petersburg arrested a native of Chechnya, Apti Murtazaev, whom the investigation considers the attacker on doctor and deputy of the Finland County municipal formation Bakhtiyar Adhamov. Fontanka writes about this.

The edition notes that Murtazaev was brought from Ingushetia to the northern capital two days ago. He is charged with the attempted murder committed on the evening of March 31, 2016, near the 54th polyclinic on Vasenko Street. According to the investigation, Murtazaev fired from Makarov's gun at Adhamov.

Five bullets hit the deputy, but the killer also stabbed him. The Investigative Committee believes that the attempt was related to not his political activities, but the property of the victim.

At the same time, the publication notes that Murtazaev "is not the last person." The court session was attended by three of his lawyers, who, according to the portal, are former employees of law enforcement bodies of St. Petersburg.

However, Murtazaev is considered only the executor; the mastermind has not yet been identified.



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