Alexander Mineev’s case: Mikhail Nekrich goes political about lawsuit on purpose  

Alexander Mineev’s case: Mikhail Nekrich goes political about lawsuit on purpose
Alexander Mineev

He just wants to make a fuss around his detention, CrimeRussia’s source said.

Italy arrested Mikhail Nekrich, after the businessman was declared internationally wanted on charges of his alleged involvement in the murder of Russian businessman Alexander Mineev and seizure of Crazy Dragon assets, defense counselor Alexander Dobrovinsky stated on Facebook.

"To my knowledge, Mikhail Nekrich was arrested today in Rome, after he was put on the wanted list for the murder of Mr. Mineev. The case is quite unusual. Misha [short for Mikhail] is a citizen of Switzerland, the United States, Israel and Russia. He was so confident that the crisis was averted and that he was safe," Dobrovinsky wrote.

However, according to Libero Quotidiano paper, Nekrich had been detained back in February in the border town of Ventimiglia upon an ID check. His lawyers Andrea Rovere and Maurizio Mascia said in court that Mikhail Nekrich was a victim of Kremlin's political games. He linked the criminal prosecution with his business partner Yegor Shuppe, disgraced oligarch Boris Berezovsky’s son-in-law. Shuppe, along with Nekrich got into Interpol’s database for masterminding Mineev’s murder. Nekrich stated at the trial that "the Russian intelligence offered him cooperation so that he gave away his partner, who allegedly had dirt on the Russian authorities." Otherwise, Nekrich would get into real trouble.

Yegor Shuppe

Yegor Shuppe

CrimeRussia’s source believes that Nekrich goes political trying to escape criminal liability, by making a fuss about his case in the media.

According to certain papers the CrimeRussia obtained, oil trader Mikhail Nekrich, who has lived abroad for a long time, decided to seize Crazy Dragon’s assets in May 2013. So, he used an intermediary to pay to a group of corrupt Dagestani investigators who searched Yevraziya office (Yevraziya LLC managed Crazy Dragon’s property), obtained information from the original constituent documents of the firms and handed it over to the raiders. The raiders then transferred Crazy Dragon’s assets to nominees. Believing that Mineev was the only one who could stand on his way, Nekrich decided to take him out.

Alexander Mineev was killed at the age of 49 in the Moscow region near Korolev on Tsiolkovskogo Street, on January 22, 2014. The killers fired 27 rounds with a Kalashnikov rifle when his Range Rover stopped at a pedestrian crossing. Seven bullets hit the target killing Mineev on the spot. The man who was his bodyguard and personal driver was not injured.



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