19-year-old murderer of investigator Shishkina and his 17-year-old assistant detained in St.Petersburg 

19-year-old murderer of investigator Shishkina and his 17-year-old assistant detained in St.Petersburg
The accused of the murder Photo: Video screenshot

The perpetrators of the murder were found in a rental apartment.

Alleged perpetrator of murder of a major case investigator of the transport directorate of MIA in the Central Federal District Evgenia Shishkina. The suspect Abdulaziz Abdulazizov is 19 years old. His 17-year-old assistant was detained along with him.

Law enforcement officers detained them in a rental apartment on the night of March 7, reports REN TV. According to the TV-channel, the alleged killer is a drug-addict. He committed the crime because of money.

In the nearest future, his measure of restraint is going to be chosen.

“One can see encroachment on the life of a person administering justice or engaged in a preliminary investigation and ammunition trafficking in actions of these parties (articles 295 and 222 of Russia’s Criminal Code),” the Investigative Committee’s report states.

CrimeRussia earlier reported the dead body of the investigator Shishkina had been found on October 10 in a settlement of Arkhangelskoye in Moscow region’s Krasnogorsk. Unknown person shot her twice from a rubber-bullet handgun transformed into a combat pistol. The murder took place in a yard of a house when Shishkina was going from an entrance hall to a parking lot.

Before that, Shishkina repeatedly received anonymous threats, and her car was burnt. Head of the Investigative Committee Aleksander Bastrykin transferred the case to the central office, having doubted upon objectivity of Moscow region’s colleagues.

The investigation theory is that the murder of Shishkina can be tied with a criminal case she was investigating. The case was related to a gang of cyber fraudsters who stole money from air and train tickets’ companies. In November, 2018, Yaroslav Sumbaev was detained in Georgia: he is a Russian hacker who is considered number one in the case related to the murder of the investigator Shishkina



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