Peculiarities of national recreation: overseer, FSB general, and businessman

In late May, a private Sud-Aviation Gazelle helicopter has crash-landed in the Khabarovsk krai. As a result, a 72-year-old man died from heart seizure. Another passenger has got a spinal fracture, while the third one – the pilot – came out of the accident with only a minor brain concussion. Later it became known that the deceased person was an FSB colonel general, the one with spinal fracture – a former overseer of the Khabarovsk krai, while a prominent Khabarovsk businessman had piloted the helicopter. The CrimeRussia obtained some exclusive information about this strange company. Read


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I am not satisfied at all; the election is a fraud
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I am satisfied with it; the election was carried in accordance with the law
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I am not satisfied with the results: violations took place, but it did not influence the results
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I am not satisfied with the results: it is not fair
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I am satisfied with it; it’s not important how my candidate got his votes
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