Murder of Volodya Khokhol. Does Takhi's henchman face imprisonment for killing?

The Supreme Court of Buryatia tries the case of a loud murder of mob Vladimir Vlasko (Volodya Khokhol) committed eight years ago. Killers of Vlasko got long terms, but mastermind Buryat mob Ilshat Ivanov, known by the nickname Sadyk, does not want to confess. Ivanov has been wandering around pre-trial detention centers, colonies and courts for six years already. There is no money for bribes and the 'authoritative' roof springs. Will the investigation succeed in proving Sadyk's involvement in a resonant crime? Read


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Pension money was spent on other purposes
69 66
A social gap in the number of the retired and the working people
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To follow the European practice
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Increase in the number of ‘early retirees’ (military, security forces)
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People want to work longer
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A huge number of people working in the ‘grey’ zone
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