Drawing the noose. Possible implications of 'sweeping purge' for Ramazan Abdulatipov's clan

After scaring Dagestan with inspections, arrests, and searches, the interdepartmental commission of the Prosecutor General’s Office and ICR has identified key priorities for the regional watchdog authority. After the crackdown on the old clan-based system, the management reforms became more constructive – however, another wave of criminal cases, terminations, and arrests is expected in the republic. The CrimeRussia was figuring out what other Dagestani officials are currently at risk. Read


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Corruptionists are afraid to be revealed
It does not matter, as interested persons will provide information on luxury houses of officials to journalists
This will not influence anything, as everyone already knows how the "servants of the people" live
It was the right decision on protection personal data
It is good decision not to inflame social strife in society

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