DPR without Zakharchenko: Officials, oligarchs, and thieves-in-law divide the area

After the murder of Aleksander Zakharchenko, everything has changed in the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR). A redistribution of spheres of influence is ongoing in the region at all levels of the state (and not only state) power. It is not a secret that Denis Pushilin, Interim Acting Head of the DPR, has been dreaming about this post for four years. Although he was among the DPR leaders, being the Chairman of the People’s Council and Permanent Representative to the Minsk Contact Group, Pushilin had no possibility to implement his financial plans and schemes, nor had he access to shady financial flows. The ‘Trapeznikov–Tashkent’ team spreading pervasive corruption in the republic was in charge of this sector. Read


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Pension money was spent on other purposes
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A social gap in the number of the retired and the working people
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To follow the European practice
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Increase in the number of ‘early retirees’ (military, security forces)
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People want to work longer
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A huge number of people working in the ‘grey’ zone
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