Deposit Insurance Agency and ‘criminal duo’ of its First Deputy General Director Miroshnikov and colonel–billionaire Cherkalin

Valery Miroshnikov, First Deputy General Director of the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA), has fled Russia and intends to resign. Experts explain his escape by the arrest of FSB colonel Kirill Cherkalin charged with swindling amounting to 12 billion rubles ($191.4 million); Miroshnikov and Cherkalin had close ties. In addition, the high-ranked insurer was a friend of fugitive FSB general Viktor Voronin – who had assisted to late banker Vladimir Kogan in the resolution of Bank UralSib and then relocated to Israel. The CrimeRussia reviewed operations of the ‘unsinkable’ Deposit Insurance Agency and its top manager Valery Miroshnikov – as well as his extensive connections actively used in the course of liquidation of Russian banks. The main question is: why is the Central Bank of Russia turning a blind eye to suspicious actions of the DIA? Read


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This is just the tip of the iceberg - the amount of bribes is much larger
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It's a usual thing - they stole all the time
18 24
This means the system is completely rotten
17 23
This is a setup, the FSB is the only law enforcement agency whose integrity can be trusted
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This is a single case ("every family has a black sheep")
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