Underworld's own National Guard: how are Viktor Zolotov’s subordinates linked to Shakro Molodoy?

From whom to seek protection from criminals when law enforcers are themselves criminals, as is often the case? Former National Guard officers accuse their direct boss of relations with the thief in law. According to them, he took part in the shootout in the center of Moscow and created an OCG comprising of his subordinates, who provide security and power support to crime lords at thieves’ meetings, are involved in the transportation of thieves’ “common fund” and train criminal “infantry” directly at the base of an elite special forces unit. Read


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One spy managed to escaped, but there are many others who are still operating
24 44
Russian government has potential spies with overseas property, as well as wives and children living abroad
21 38
This can’t be true, Russian officials are all patriots
5 9
This is a fake espionage scandal made up out of political motives
5 9

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