A true kindergarten: another Miass Mayor arrested

The third in succession Miass Mayor has been criminally charged, this time – with exceedance of official powers. Gennady Vas’kov has ordered his subordinates to purchase a building totally unsuitable for a kindergarten at a double price. Then renovations posing threats to children’s lives have been performed in it. The court has remanded Vas’kov in custody for two months. Local residents have no doubt that more charges are to be laid against the ex-Mayor in the near future. But why have so many Miass municipal officials rushed to submit resignation letters after the arrest of Vas’kov? Read


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I am not satisfied at all; the election is a fraud
55 45
I am satisfied with it; the election was carried in accordance with the law
45 37
I am not satisfied with the results: violations took place, but it did not influence the results
10 8
I am not satisfied with the results: it is not fair
7 6
I am satisfied with it; it’s not important how my candidate got his votes
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