"Whoever owns Bronka rules the city." Why did Poltavchenko become interested in port of disgraced oligarch?

In November of last year, stevedoring companies of St. Petersburg faced black Friday. The port of Bronka departed to the clan of all-powerful ex-Head of the Federal Guard Service (FSO) Evgeny Murov. The other day it became known that oligarch Dmitry Mikhalchenko’s port of Bronka ownership was assigned to St. Petersburg Governor Georgy Poltavchenko. According to sources, an unexpected desire to develop Bronka is the last chance not to retire. Read


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I am not satisfied at all; the election is a fraud
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I am satisfied with it; the election was carried in accordance with the law
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I am not satisfied with the results: violations took place, but it did not influence the results
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I am not satisfied with the results: it is not fair
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I am satisfied with it; it’s not important how my candidate got his votes
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