Career of Simferopol Head: from common fund keeper to Mayor

Crimea faces storm again. Sergey Aksenov may lose his post. Perhaps, he decided to play it safe and arrange a public scandal – his appointee to the Head of the Simferopol administration post. It is believed that Igor Lukashev and his seven deputies were allegedly dismissed due to the significant number of complaints from citizens about the traffic collapse, the poor state of road maintenance and cleaning of the city. The CrimeRussia tries to find out the real reason for the resignation of the Simferopol administration. Read


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Yes, the US sanctions can lead Russia to a default
856 39.6
Yes, incompetence of Russia’s leadership will lead the country to a default
699 32.4
Yes, corruption and thievery will lead Russia to a default
589 27.3
No, budget funds accumulated by the state will allow to deal with financial difficulties
6 0.3
No, Russia’s leadership will not let this happen
5 0.2
No, it will not happen due to high oil prices
4 0.2

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