Street art at the budget expense. 12-story blonde glorifies 2018 FIFA World Cup

A 50-meter-high mural on a residential building in the Zhulebino district of Moscow caused a scandal in the final days of the world championship. Social networks and the media were outraged by a giant portrait of the wife of Ivan Panteleev, owner of Novatek Art – the company retained by the Moscow government to produce the fresco painting. Critics accuse him of monopolization of the legal street art market in Moscow and corruption ties with the Mayor’s Office, while the businessman claims that the competitors are just jealous of his success. The CrimeRussia decided to find out who is right and wrong in this situation. Read


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He plays a role of a flak-catcher
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He will replace Putin on the post of President again
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He has done an excellent job as the PM before
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Russian people like him
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He knows what is right for Russia
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